Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Schedule bed bug removal in Ventura, CA

Nothing is more unsettling than to wake up with red itchy bumps and realize you're sharing your bed with bed bugs. Fortunately, you can call on Umbrella Pest Control for reliable bed bug removal in Ventura, CA.

We'll inspect your soft surfaces to find any bed bugs and effectively remove them with our two-step bed bug treatment. Our special process ensures that all bed bugs are safely removed and don't return. We also provide a 30-day guarantee to make sure you stay bed bug-free.

Set up a professional bed bug removal today. We'll provide you with a quick free estimate.

Do you have bed bugs?

Do you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, evasive pests that can be hard to spot. You should reach out to us for a bed bug treatment right away if you:

  • Develop itchy or irritated skin
  • Find small, red bite marks on your skin
  • Notice small brown or red spots on your sheets

Speak with our experts today to find out more about our treatment by calling 805-901-9876. We'll get rid of the bed bugs in your home as soon as possible.