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Brittany B.


Very helpful and informative. Gave a great deal on the price and did whatever need be to get rid of the problem. Wasn't too pushy about selling the service and didn't seem desperate to take my money. Very respectful team of people. I would definitely recommend over other big corporations or family companies.

Bradley S.

Google: ★★★★★

Provided quality service. Very professional.

Lynn-Nora L.

Google: ★★★★★

Umbrella Pest was very quick to come and inspect my home for bird mites. Sure enough, he confirmed we had them and found the source. Andrew and his team were quick to seal up attic screens that broke and treated my home for the mites. They also came back for a second treatment to ensure the mites were taken care of. This company really knows how to get it done. Completely happy with him and his team.

Jesse M.

Google: ★★★★★

jad a really terrible problem with black widows all over the inside and on the cover of my Jacuzzi and I was worried even if we lifted it we might get bitten and so we put gloves on and threw the cover on the ground and relized the problem was really bad. I then called Umbrella Pest Control and they came that day and sprayed the Jacuzzi lid and inside the Jacuzzi aswell as the lid, they told me to give it about 2 hours then I could go in there and skrub it and make sure it is usable. Thanks to them family and I can finally use and even just safely use our jacuzzi which we have not touched for over 5 years. That is just how bad the problem was. I don't know why we never called sooner! They actually came to the house which is really even a miracle in itself we have called several other pest control companies in Ojai and they said they would come in a few weeks and it has been 5 years and still no one came. Umbrella Pest control is who I am going to call from now on.

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