Spider Removal & Prevention in Ventura, CA

Spiders are sometimes peoples worst nightmares, however, when you call the professionals at Umbrella Pest Control in Ventura, CA, we can get rid of them immediately for you. Our experts offer spider removal services and spider prevention services to ensure that your Ventura, CA home is safe and free of the insects that attract spiders. Once we find out the root of the spider infestation, we will create a customized plan for your home to ensure that spiders never return. Spiders most common food are insects, so if you have spiders, you also have other insects in your home. Contact the professionals right away to make sure that your situation doesn't get out of hand.


There are 5 main reasons that spiders find their way into your home in Ventura, CA

  1. Clutter
  2. Easy Access
  3. Lack of pest control
  4. No preventative measures
  5. Unclean areas in your home

Spiders in California

Black-footed yellow sac spider
Western black widow spider
Common house spider
European garden spider
Green lynx spider
Banded garden spider
Bold jumper spider
Grey house spider
Brown widow spider
Southern house spider

Wolf spider
Marble spider
Grass spider
Cellar spider
Tangle web spider
Spotted orbweaver spider
Red-backed jumper spider
Brown recluse spider